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Custom Drawstring Bags

Logo Printed Drawstring Bags

If your company still uses those old white plastic bags or brown paper bags, it's time to change the way you do business. With drawstring bags designed just for your company, you'll cut down on the amount of waste you produce every year and give your customers something they can use every time they visit your shop.

Made from Durable Polyester

These custom bags feature a polyester construction that can hold up to almost anything. The bags last for months of constant use and won't break or show any signs of fraying. As polyester is machine washable, your customers can clean the bags at home and bring the bags back when they need to do some more shopping.

Think and Dependable Drawstrings

Many reusable bags look like small tote bags and have two thick handles and an open top. This open design may lead to spills and accidents as shoppers trip and drop their bags. Custom bags with a drawstring top offer a little more protection against those accidents. The drawstrings keep the bag tightly closed to keep belongings from spilling out. Some bags even come with a small pocket on the front for additional storage.

Designing the Perfect Drawstring Bags

Custom printed bags serve as a great promotional idea for your business. You can give those bags away to customers when they spend a certain amount or as a prize for those who enter contests in your shop. Though you might think polyester bags are too expensive for your company, APlasticBag.com works hard to keep the costs of its bag low. Complete our short form below with some of the details about your company and what you need to receive a FREE quote or sample!

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