Weekly Deals: Hurry and save big on plastic bags, paper bags and more

All offers are limited for a limited time only. New custom print orders only.


Plate Charge

$125 Value with purchase of any 5000+ bags & $35 value with 500+ bags

Call 877-992-2247

Rush Production 2+ Day



Call 877-992-2247



with the purchase of 10,000 bags or more of custom die cut hanlde bags or 5000 bags of 9x12 and 12x15 custom printed die cut handle bags 5-7 day LTL Ground Shipping.
Offer excludes rush orders.

Call 877-992-2247

Offer excludes: RUSH ORDERS, Outregeous Deal Promotions & Fol Hot Stamped bags. Offers cannot be combined. Not valid for bag size 9 x 12 or smaller. Offer excludes RUSH ORDERS, Outrageous Deal Promotions, and any HD Bags. Offers cannot combined. Ship by LTL Trucking. Business with a dock or forlift require.

Double Deals:
Free Shipping & Free Plate Changes

With purchase of selected Bags only..

With purchase of selected custom plasticbags. Limited time offer, imprint size 7(w)x7(L)*1 Collor 2 sides & LTL ground shipping with your purchase of 50,000 Custom Printed PLastic Bags.

FREE Plate Change

With purchase of selected custom plastic bags. Limited time offer. imprint size 7(w) x 7(L)" 1color 1 side with purchase of any 5000 Custom Printed Plastic Bags

FREE Plate Charge Offer Details:

Artwork must be in VECTOR ART created in Adobe Illustrator. or EPS format; any other format will be a $25+ clean up charge.

Free Shipping

5-7 Day LTL Ground Shipping

With purchase of selected custom plastic bags. Limited time offer 25,000 or more Custom Printed Plastic Bags or 25,000 Custom Printed Kraft Paper Bags

Offer excludes RUSH ORDERS,Outrageous Deal promotions. and any HD bags. Offers cannot combined.

Ship by LTL trucking, Business with a dock or forklift require.

Above Offers Not valid for RUSH ORDERS or Outregeous Deals promotions.
Offer (sizes) cannot be combined. Free shipping in the contiguous US (excluding Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico)