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Custom Printed Stretch Film and Wrap

Custom Printed Stretch Film and Wrap

Protect Shipments

Custom printed stretch film and wrap is perfect for shipping and advertising. It can be printed with custom information, such as logos, company names and websites. It can be printed with other information as well. It is also a sustainable option for companies concerned with the environment and pursuing green initiatives. This stretch film and wrap is fully recyclable.

Handling requirements can be printed on the wrap to ensure product protection. The wrap lessens the chance of shipments being tampered with and allows easy identification of mishandled pallets. It also allows shippers to easily identify shipments thus reducing loss and overhead. This stretch film is the best option for product protection and shipping loss prevention.

This stretch wrap and film provides an additional avenue for marketing strategies and customer retention. When printed with company logos and information, potential customers are alerted to your company and your product. This film enhances customer satisfaction in that it demonstrates an additional level of attention to detail and quality of service. It is a viable option for extending existing markets or creating new ones. It cost efficient and effective.

Quality and Service are Excellent

This stretch film and wrap is manufactured in the U.S.A. to the highest standards. Custom printing is available for all orders. Rush production is available and on-time production is guaranteed. At APlasticBag.com, customer service is number one.

Best Stretch Film and Wrap

Call APlasticBag.com today at 877-992-2247 for quick service. Or contact them online at APlasticBag.com to place an order. Fill out the client’s form for a free sample. APlasticBag.com is the best for your stretch film and wrap needs.