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Custom Printed Polypropylene Bags

Custom Printed Polypropylene Bags

Capable of producing million square feet of high clarity polypropylene bags per day, State-of-the-art printing presses offer up to eight colors for your logo.

We'll Create the perfect bags.

  • Free samples and up to two free design mock-ups
  • 100% product guarantee
  • Constant communication throughout your order process
  • Fast turnaround
  • Peace of Mind: you can breathe easy, knowing that your products will arrive as ordered and on time

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Our Stock Bags

Custom Printed with your logo - Manufacture in USA - Up to 8 Color Printed


  • Side Weld and Back Weld Bags offer a
  • convenient packaging solution
  • Excellent presentation for a wide variety of
  • items. Recyclable materials,
  • Self-sealing lip and tape closure adhesive.


  • Side Gusseted Bags have expandable
  • Available with a strong fold-over seal or an affordable crimp bottom,
  • Available in a Quad Seal style, has a more pronounced square shape.


  • An affordable and visually effective packaging solution.
  • Reinforced header area and a variety of hang-hole styles for retail display.
  • Resealable or permanent lip and tape closures for easy product loading.
  • Available with a variety of materials, headers, and adhesives.


  • Best use for the shelf life, retail display, and convenience
  • Machine-packed products with Wicketed Bags
  • Hermetic seals, resealable zippers, expandable pleats, and convenient wicket holes
  • Heat sealable and FDA approved


  • Pouches offer strong presentation, convenience.
  • High-barrier lamination, resealable zippers, a self-supporting bottom gusset
  • FDA approved.
  • Custom options: laser micro-perforation, vent holes, hang holes, tear notches, alternative bottom seals, and metallic film options.


  • Form, Fill, & Seal Rolls come ready for conversion
  • Variety of styles to provide exceptional versatility.
  • Rolls are available for purchase by maximum OD's, impressions, pounds, or linear feet.
  • Our precision slitting equipment ensures rolls are cut to meet your exact specifications.


  • Herb Sleeves help package, protect, and present your plants.
  • With a variety of custom options and stock prints,
  • Plant and Herb Sleeves are a great way to showcase your product
  • Plant & Herb Sleeves are available in an array of styles that deliver strong presentation,
  • Provide convenience, and help protect your products.

Recyclable Materials

100% recyclable films and water-based (aqueoues) inks help Temkin meet the packaging neds of today while preserving our natural resources for tomorrow. Digital in-house ink mixing enables us to re-cycle remaining ink into viable color options, substantially reducing surpluses, storage costs, and waste

Environmental Responsibility

We focus on the impact of our products over their entire life cycle, from design and manufacturing to consumer use and disposal. We'll continue to exercise our responsibility to contribute to maintaining a healty environment for our customers, our employees, and our communities.

Manufacturing Processes

All water used during production is treated on-site befre disposal, removing all chemicals, and metals so only pure, clean water is returned to the environment. Thank fo our recycleble films, scrap materials acquired during manufacturing is recycled. Our domestic manufacturing facilities help reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need for overseas shipping.