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Custom Printed Paper Bags

Custom Printed Paper Bags

Custom Paper Bags for Your Specifications

Specializing in Custom Paper Bags

We specialize in producing smaller to medium quantities of multi-colored paper bags with consistently high quality. We manufacture all of our custom printed paper bags in the United States. Thousands of shops and businesses proudly use APlasticBag.com paper bags. APlasticBag.com delivers excellence and peace of mind from start to finish. You can rest assured without any reluctance knowing that your custom printed paper bags will arrive as you have ordered and on-time.

Custom Retail Shopping Bags

Custom Retail Shopping Bags

We can help you build and design the perfect retail shopping bags for any retail occasion. Whether you have a permanent retail storefront, pop-up shop, or an upcoming trade show event, the team at APlasticBag.com will craft the perfect custom paper bag to meet all of your business's needs.

Custom Restaurant Paper Bags

Quickserve Restaurant Bags

Transport food from the restaurant to the dinner table with Duro Bag Carryout Bags. These sturdy bags are the ideal sustainable paper choice for nearly any restaurant environment, whether you require drive through bags for burgers and fries, or carryout bags for steak dinner leftovers, we cater to all.

Recycled Content Available Recycled Content Available
100% Recycled Paper Bags

Stock 100% Recycled Handle Bags

APlasticBag offers a 100% Recycled Handle Bags. This Bag's patented Handle Sack makes it easy for consumers to grab and carry it everywhere they need to go. This stock 100% Recycled Handle Bag is preprinted with an environmental message that will showcase your business's commitment to a better environment.

Recycled Content Available Recycled Content Available Kraft
Custom Bagel and Donut Paper Bags

Bagel and Donut Bags

Bagels and Donuts are the "breakfast du jour" for the professional on-the-go. Bagel Bags and Donut Bags are a popular way to maintain that fresh-from-the oven taste after treats leave the bakery.

Recycled Content Available Recycled Content Available

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Wholesale Prices means you get more for your money by buying more bags and paying less per bag.

Fast and Free Delivery

Fast and Free Delivery

We deliver everywhere in the lower 48 states. FREE delivery in California.

Buy in Bulk and Get Free Storage

Buy Bulk - Free Storage

Buy in bulk and we will store it for free for 6 months. We will ship as and when you desire.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

We strive to give you peace of mind from the moment you call to the moment the product arrives at your door.